STEAM Leaf Printed Tote Bags with Gelli Arts®

STEAM Leaf Printed Tote Bags with Gelli Arts®


·      Students Will Be Able To (SWBAT) observe the colors, shapes, and textures of leaves.

·      SWBAT use the leaves as a tool in the printmaking process.

·      SWBAT create a finished tote bag with the leaf printing process.

·      SWBAT define the word transfer.


What is an image?

Where do we find texture in nature?

How does knowing and using art vocabulary help us to understand and interpret works of art?


5×5 Gelli Arts® Student Plate, fresh leaves, fabric paint in various colors, brayer, tote bag for printing, newsprint and masking tape, and apron.


·      Monoprint – A form of printmaking that has images and lines that can be only made once, unlike most printmaking where there are multiple originals.

·      Texture – the feel, appearance, or consistency of the surface of a work of art

·      Veins – The veins in leaves provide support and transport of both water and minerals throughout the leaf and onto the rest of the plant.

·      Overlapping – Placing objects over one another in order to create the illusion of depth. To cover part of the same area.

·      Transfer – To move something from one surface to another.


The class will go outside to gather colorful leaves of various shapes and sizes. Students will be asked to observe leaves by their color, texture and sizes.

The teacher will demonstrate how to observe the leaf, using only one leaf at a time. The teacher will demonstrate how to use the Gelli Arts® plate by using the brayer to roll the paint onto the plate. Then, placing the leaves with the vein side down on the plate, pull one print. Take the leaves off and pull a second print.

When removed, the students will see that a print of the leaf was made showing the detail of the veins and edges. Correct coating of paint on the Gelli Arts® plate and correct pressure are key to a perfect print!


Students will create a leaf tote bag using the printing method described in the motivation and demonstration.


  • Science – The class will discuss nature, trees, and plant life.



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