Wrapping Paper with Gelli Arts®

Wrapping Paper with Gelli Arts®


·      Students Will Be Able To (SWBAT) use stamps to decorate wrapping paper.

·      SWBAT create patterns with another student.


What is a pattern?

Can you create a pattern?

How can you work with a partner to create a pattern?

Would working with someone else be easy or difficult? Explain.


Gelli Arts® Mini Stamps, brayers, acrylic paint in multiple colors, mark making tools, stencils, surface to print such as a roll of paper (teacher choice), newsprint, masking tape (to tape newsprint to table), baby wipes, aprons, and pencils.


·      Collaborative – Produced or created by two or more people working together.

·      Wrapping Paper – Decorated paper for wrapping gifts or packages.

·      Stamp – To impress a pattern or a mark on a separate surface.

·      Pattern – A repeated, decorative design.


Students will collaboratively create a stamped wrapping paper.


·      Stamped Wrapping Paper

  • Working together, the students will create a piece of wrapping paper.
  • They will use the Gelli Arts® Mini Stamps, create different designs, and stamp on the wrapping paper.
  • The students will create a pattern.



5 Circle Wrapping Paper.jpg

5 Hexagon Wrapping Paper.jpg

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