Gelli Arts® Printed Christmas Cards

Gelli Arts® Printed Christmas Cards


  •      Students Will Be Able To (SWBAT) create their own handmade holiday greeting card, which makes communication special.
  •      SWBAT analyze greeting cards to establish a purpose for writing a message.
  •      SWBAT describe qualities of greeting cards they find appealing.
  •      SWBAT learn the importance of writing notes and sending cards.
  •      SWBAT learn how greeting cards can communicate different feelings, information, and events.
  •      SWBAT apply what they have learned to write and illustrate a holiday greeting card.


Why do we send greeting cards?

What is the history of greeting cards?

Design a holiday greeting card. What would it say on the cover? Or inside?


Gelli Arts® Mini Stamps, brayers, acrylic paint in multiple colors, mark making tools, stencils, paper 8.5 x 11-inch (teacher choice), newsprint, masking tape (to tape newsprint to table), baby wipes, aprons, pencils, and greeting card examples (different styles, folds, and themes).


  •      Greeting – A polite word or sign of welcome or recognition.
  •      Greeting Card – A decorative card sent to convey good wishes on some occasion.
  •      Card – A decorated piece of thick paper that contains a greeting or is used to write a message.


Students will express their own thoughts with their holiday greeting cards. Discuss card themes and the history of greeting cards. The class will look at examples of holiday greeting cards.



Holiday Greeting Cards

  •  After discussion, students will design and create a holiday greeting card by stamping Gelli Arts® prints all over their paper.
  •  The students may want to write a greeting or a special message, and may need assistance.





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