Gelli Arts® Fabric Quilt Squares Printing

Gelli Arts® Fabric Quilt Squares Printing


  • Students Will Be Able To (SWBAT) create a fabric quilt.


5×5” Gelli Arts® Printing Plate, Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paints (3 colors in 1 oz bottles), Fabric Medium (see instructions below), 4″ Brayer, 3-sided Gelli Arts® Mini Comb, Bubble Wrap, Yarn, Punchinella, 5×5″ White Fabric, 5×5″ Parchment Paper


Fabric Quilt Squares

  • Optional: Before you begin, iron the fabric to remove any wrinkles.
  • Mix the acrylic paint 2:1 with the fabric medium and roll it into a smooth layer on the Gelli® plate with a brayer.
  • Get creative and make designs in the wet paint using the mini comb, bubble wrap, yarn, and punchinella.
  • Place the white fabric square on the painted Gelli Arts® plate and press to stamp an impression. Lift the fabric to reveal the printed image.
  • Continue printing on the white fabric squares until you have enough for a quilt!
  • Allow the printed fabric to dry completely. Heat set 30 seconds with an iron. Wash inside out on a gentle cycle.
  • Optional: Doodle on printed fabric using various fabric pens, markers, and acrylic paint pens. Colored pencils are great for adding color and depth to doodles.
  • After the doodling is complete, remove the fabric from the freezer paper by gently pulling them apart.
  • Arrange and hand stitch the squares together. Finish the edges of the squares or stitch them together to form a quilt.



  • Mix paint 2:1 with medium.
  • Air dry design 24-48 hours.
  • Heat set 30 seconds with iron.
  • Wash inside out on gentle cycle.



Fabric Quilt Image.jpgFabric Quilt Back Photo.jpg

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