Gelli Arts® Fabric Quilt Squares Printing

Gelli Arts® Fabric Quilt Squares Printing


  • Students Will Be Able To (SWBAT) create a fabric quilt.
  • SWBAT learn how to sew.
  • SWBAT explain the vocabulary terms used in this lesson.


5”x5” Gelli Arts® Gel Printing Plate, acrylic paints, fabric painting medium, brayers, mark-making and texture tools, stencils, newsprint (for tables), aprons, cotton muslin (or other tight weave fabric), scissors, iron, freezer paper, colored pencils, pens, and markers, pins, sewing machine, embroidery needle, and thread.


  • Stabilize: to make or hold stable, firm, or steadfast.
    • Stabilized fabric is as easy to work with as paper. The paper backing prevents paint from seeping through.


Teacher will demonstrate how to use the Gelli® plate and how to sew, either hand stitching or machine sewing.



Fabric Quilt Squares

  • Tear or cut cotton muslin into square pieces. Iron the fabric to remove any wrinkles. Then iron the fabric onto the shiny side of freezer paper to stabilize it creating a temporary bond. Use parchment paper as a cover sheet to protect your iron.
  • Press a 5” x 5” Gelli Arts® plate onto an acrylic stamp mount. Apply a small amount of fabric paint to the Gelli® plate and roll into a smooth layer with a brayer.
  • Get creative and make designs in the wet paint.
  • Place the painted Gelli Arts® plate on the fabric and press to stamp an impression. Lift the stamp mount to reveal the printed image.
  • Allow the printed fabric to dry completely. If using fabric paint, follow the manufacturer’s directions, as some require heat seating.
  • Doodle on printed fabric using various fabric pens, markers, and acrylic paint pens. Colored pencils are great for adding color and depth to doodles.
  • After the doodling is complete, remove the fabric from the freezer paper by gently pulling them apart.
  • Arrange and hand stitch the squares together. Finish the edges of the squares or stitch them together to form a quilt.



  • Mix paint 2:1 with medium.
  • Air dry design 24-48 hours.
  • Heat set 30 seconds with iron.
  • Wash inside out on gentle cycle.



Fabric Quilt Image.jpgFabric Quilt Back Photo.jpg

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