Gelli Arts® Printing with DIY Foam Printing Plate Stamps

Gelli Arts® Printing with DIY Foam Printing Plate Stamps


Gelli Arts® 5×7 Gel Printing Plate, acrylic paints, brayer, cards and envelopes, sheets of foam (or styrofoam plate or clean food tray), pointed tool (such as pen, pencil, or stylus), scissors (decorative edge scissors work too), any extra found objects and texture tools



Making the Foam Plate Stamps

  • Incise lines into the pieces with your pointed tool
  • Cut or punch some small areas
  • The design can be simple shapes or as intricate as you want
  • What you see is what you get, no reversals! You can write words, too!

Gelli Arts® Printing with DIY Foam Printing Plate Stamps

  • Step One: Roll a thin layer of acrylic paint onto the Gelli Arts® plate with a brayer.
  • Step Two: Press a texture tool (like bubble wrap) into the paint.
  • Step Three: Cover with your card and pull a print.
  • Step Four: Wipe the plate clean. (not essential – but makes a nice clean print)
  • Step Five: Roll a layer of a contrasting color onto the plate with a brayer.
  • Step Six: Place your foam stamps on the painted plate.
  • Step Seven: Cover with thin paper (such as deli paper) – to press the stamps into the paint and remove the paint from the plate around the stamps.
  • Step Eight: Remove the cover paper and remove the foam stamps.
  • Step Nine: Place your printed card on the Gelli plate to print a second layer.
  • Step Ten: Rub to transfer the paint and pull your print – the second layer on your card!

They’re so easy and fun to make, you’ll have a collection of these stamps in no time!

While you’re printing on the cards, also print on the envelopes! Don’t forget to leave a blank space for the address!

  • Strategically place a piece of torn paper on the painted Gelli Arts® plate to create a blank space.
  • Place a removable label on the envelope as a mask. Print over it – then remove the label.
  • Scrape or wipe off an area of wet paint on the Gelli Arts® plate, then print your envelope.


3-Foam Stamps1-Foam Stamps2-Card9-Cards-Envelope

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